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Joyatri Ray and Suma TR — Voices: Inclusive and participatory models for ocean tourism

This article considers how tourism in marine eco spaces has historically acted as an agent for resource deprivation and highlights options to make it more community centric and participatory and thereby supporting recovery efforts from the COVID pandemic in the processes. Marine and coastal tourism: a challenge for inclusion Tourism in marine or any ecologically […]

Republic Of Namibia — Transformation: The role of sustainable ocean tourism in a sustainable ocean economy

Namibia boasts a rich and unique diversity of marine and coastal species and ecosystems. The living and non-living natural resources in the ocean and the associated biological diversity are the backbone of the Namibian ocean economy. The aim is to ensure that the marine biodiversity and natural resources continue to support socio-economic development through maintaining […]

Daniel Skjeldam — Cruises: The future of cruise tourism

Our lighthouse in the storm: principles for future cruise operators To sustain the future of the ocean and the planet, action from all of us is needed now. The latest UN status report gives us about 2.5 years before emissions must reach their peak, to limit global warming to 1.5 and 2 degrees[1]. That’s about […]

Wouter Schalken — Resilience: Building resilient destinations

Contributors: Manoj Sharma, Steven Schipani and Sanya Grover   The world’s oceans have inspired travel and tourism for generations, with marine and coastal tourism (MCT) growing constantly from the mid-20th century until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic[1]. In 2019, the travel and tourism sector contributed 10.3 percent to global gross domestic product (GDP), with […]

Kathryn J. Mengerink — Financing: Connecting ambition with the means to achieve a sustainable ocean tourism model

Pay to play: Sustainable ocean tourism[1] Among small-island, big-ocean nations, ocean-based tourism is a crucial economic engine. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this engine stalled, causing massive disruptions. Small island developing states (SIDS) often have ocean areas far larger than their land masses, by a factor of 4,000 in the case of Kiribati. According the to […]

Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico — Planning: Innovation in sustainable ocean planning to incentivize a shift to sustainable ocean tourism

Sustainable tourism development zones, an opportunity for a coastal and marine tourism model in Mexico In order to envision a shift towards a sustainable coastal tourism by 2030 we need to set specific goals that will assure results by 2025. This means that in the next three years we need to set the basic building […]

Zoritsa Urosevic — Building Back Better: A catalyst for change

The pandemic brought global tourism to a near complete standstill. And the sudden and unexpected halt in international travel was particularly noticeable in coastal communities. Prior to the pandemic, around half of all tourists were choosing coastal destinations for their trips. Their return will bring hope for the many millions of workers and businesses who […]

Joseph Cheer — Cruises: The future of cruise tourism

Cruise tourism: Business as usual or a responsible turn? Making waves Prognosticating about the future of anything in volatile global contexts is prone to under- or overstatement, yet futures scenario thinking remains vital to understanding the myriad trajectories likely to emerge. The global tourism industry is an exemplar of vulnerability to unpredictable global events, and […]

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