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A unique global initiative led by serving heads of state and government
from around the world who are building momentum for a
sustainable ocean economy, informed by leading
global experts and practitioners.

The Ocean Panel aims to
advance a more prosperous and resilient
future for people and the planet.


World leaders across 17 countries are working together to catalyse and implement ocean solutions around the world.


The ocean is a life source. 

Humanity’s well-being is intertwined with the health of the ocean.
The ocean stabilises the climate, sustains us, and leads to greater prosperity.

A healthy ocean is essential for everyone.

The ocean is responsible for about 50% of the oxygen produced on the planet, covers 70% of Earth and absorbs 25% of CO2 emissions.

Transformations: A vision
for protection, production
and prosperity

The framework for change is laid out in the new ocean action agenda, built upon knowledge and science.

‘Transformations for a Sustainable Ocean Economy’ is the culmination of a historic effort to chart the course towards a sustainable ocean economy and sets out the shared aim to sustainably manage 100% of the ocean area under national jurisdiction, guided by Sustainable Ocean Plans.

Action Groups

Ocean Panel Action Groups are made up of entities from the public, private, financial, research and civil society sectors committed to help accelerate, scale and finance ocean action to help create the change we are striving for.

The Latest News

10 ocean events to watch out for at COP15

Over the last three decades, biodiversity has plummeted due to human caused stressors such as pollution, development, overexploitation and climate change and the ocean is not exempt from these losses, with rapid species decline, degrading…
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Ocean Panel strongly supports ‘Green Shipping Challenge’ spearheaded by Norway and USA

Sharm El-Sheik (7 November 2022) — Nine Ocean Panel member countries have announced new commitments as part of the initiative led by fellow Panel members, Norway and USA, to decarbonise their shipping industries and significantly…
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10 ocean activities to look out for at COP27

The ocean has an integral part to play in the world’s efforts to drive down emissions. Research finds that ocean-based climate actions can deliver up to 21% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions cuts needed…
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Ocean Panel Leaders Meet during UN General Assembly

New York, (21 September 2022) - Leaders of the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy met in person to discuss ocean-based climate solutions and the financial investments needed to support them.  Leaders and…
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