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To achieve the Ocean Panels’ ambitious goal to sustainably manage 100% of the ocean area under their national jurisdictions, member countries agreed to design and establish a Sustainable Ocean Plan that aims to advance long-term economic and social development, while simultaneously promoting the health of marine ecosystems.

These plans are guided by nine core attributes, in accordance with their national context and circumstances.

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Featured Case Study

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What are the nine core attributes?

An effective plan should be inclusive, integrative, and iterative in its engagement of stakeholders and use of knowledge, it should be place-based, ecosystem-based, and knowledge-based in terms of content, and be endorsed, financed, and capacitated to maximise impact.

Core Attributes

This attribute accounts for sustainable ocean plans that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future demands, blending responsiveness with a forward-thinking approach to ensure effectiveness amidst change.    
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This attribute accounts for sustainable ocean plans that involve comprehending the complex relationships within ecosystems and their interconnected dynamics with human activities.
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This attribute accounts for sustainable ocean plans encouraging collaboration among government agencies, ocean sectors, and various processes to improve coordination.
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This attribute accounts for sustainable ocean plans that prioritize active involvement and consideration of diverse perspectives and interests from the outset.
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This attribute accounts for sustainable ocean plans that consider all aspects of natural waters to develop more targeted and effective strategies and tailor interventions based on the specific characteristics of a defined geographic location.
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Recognising that countries have disparate starting conditions and resources, each plan aims to reflect each of the nine attributes to differing degrees but will be improved upon over time.

Ocean Panel countries will continue to iterate and strengthen their plans over time to accelerate efforts towards 100% sustainable ocean management.

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