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Daniel Skjeldam — Cruises: The future of cruise tourism

Our lighthouse in the storm: principles for future cruise operators To sustain the future of the ocean and the planet, action from all of us is needed now. The latest UN status report gives us about 2.5 years before emissions must reach their peak, to limit global warming to 1.5 and 2 degrees[1]. That’s about […]

Joseph Cheer — Cruises: The future of cruise tourism

Cruise tourism: Business as usual or a responsible turn? Making waves Prognosticating about the future of anything in volatile global contexts is prone to under- or overstatement, yet futures scenario thinking remains vital to understanding the myriad trajectories likely to emerge. The global tourism industry is an exemplar of vulnerability to unpredictable global events, and […]

Edmund Bartlett — Cruises: The future of cruise tourism

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the slow pace of recovery, coastal and marine tourism remains one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world economy. For small island developing states (SIDS), tourism, including cruise tourism, is a major driver of economic growth and job creation, a major earner of foreign exchange and has been critical to […]

Ross A Klein — Cruises: The future of cruise tourism

Following the COVID-19 caused shutdown in early 2020, the cruise industry began a return in early 2022 and over-optimistically expects to be back to normal in 2023. The restart was slow, and not without difficulties caused by the lingering effects of the pandemic. However, as requirements loosened for cross-border and international travel, passengers returned and […]

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