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Zoritsa Urosevic — Building Back Better: A catalyst for change

The pandemic brought global tourism to a near complete standstill. And the sudden and unexpected halt in international travel was particularly noticeable in coastal communities. Prior to the pandemic, around half of all tourists were choosing coastal destinations for their trips. Their return will bring hope for the many millions of workers and businesses who […]

Sam Teicher — Building Back Better: A catalyst for change

I’m a coral farmer, and my job shouldn’t exist. Growing coral to revitalise dying reefs is not an existence anyone should dream for. This single ecosystem, which covers less than 1 percent of the seafloor, sustains 25 percent of marine life[1]. Yet the reality we face is stark and fresh solutions are needed: half of […]

Sarah Fangman — Building Back Better: A catalyst for change

During the COVID pandemic, intrepid travellers found themselves with limited choices. But one destination, the Florida Keys, offered easy access to wide open spaces with turquoise waters, tropical marine life, and an abundance of activities without having to leave the country. A busy year-round destination under normal conditions, the southernmost islands of the continental United […]

Jeremy Sampson — Building Back Better: A catalyst for change

It would be hard to argue that the COVID-19 pandemic has been anything but devastating for international travel and tourism—a sector that, of course, relies on the free movement of people and goods, and the desire of humans to explore and connect. The impact has been magnified many times over in the local economies that […]

Simon Milne — Building Back Better: A catalyst for change

COVID-19 devastated international tourism in 2020, and the pandemic’s impacts are still being acutely felt in 2022. International tourist arrivals dropped by 73 percent in 2020, and tourism’s direct impact on world gross domestic product was reduced by US$2 trillion[1]. These global figures mask the wide range of policies and related outcomes that have played […]

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