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The Ocean Genome: Conservation and the Fair, Equitable and Sustainable Use of Marine Genetic Resources

This Blue Paper considers the existing and potential benefits associated with the ocean genome, the threats it is facing, and the crucial importance of conservation to maintain the ocean’s genetic diversity.

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This paper also explores how efforts to promote inclusive innovation and better governance can contribute to more equitable sharing of benefits derived from the use of marine genetic resources.

‘The Ocean Genome: Conservation and the Fair, Equitable and Sustainable Use of Marine Genetic Resources’ launched on 17 April 2020, to coincide with a live BBC World News story.

On 24 April 2020, the webinar, ‘The Ocean Genome: Challenges and Opportunities’ provided an opportunity to discuss the paper’s findings and was accompanied by a WRI blog post ‘The Ocean Genome Helps Fight Disease: Here’s How We Save It’, by Secretariat team members Ines Aguiar Branco and Lauren Thuringer; and Blue Paper authors Colette C.C. Wabnitz, Rachel Wynberg, Henrik Österblom and Robert Blasiak.

A version of the Ocean Genome Blue Paper was also published in Nature Sustainability on 4 May 2020.

The lead authors of this paper are Robert Blasiak, Rachel Wynberg, Kirsten Grorud-Colvert and Siva Thambisetty. Contributing authors include Narcisa M. Bandarra, Adelino V.M. Canário, Jessica da Silva, Carlos M. Duarte, Marcel Jaspars, Alex D. Rogers, Kerry Sink and Colette C.C. Wabnitz.


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