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Ocean Panel Launches Sustainable Tourism Report and Accompanying Expert Perspectives

Jun 29, 2022
Source: Ocean Panel

In December 2020, the Ocean Panel launched the ‘Transformations for a Sustainable Ocean Economy: A Vision for Protection, Production and Prosperity’ which included an ambitious goal for coastal and marine tourism, that by 2030 ‘Coastal and ocean-based tourism is sustainable, resilient, addresses climate change, reduces pollution, supports ecosystem regeneration and biodiversity conservation and invests in local jobs and communities’.

To inform efforts to achieve this goal, the Ocean Panel commissioned an unprecedented body of work dedicated to coastal and marine tourism:

  • A Special Report titled ‘Opportunities for Transforming Coastal and Marine Tourism: Towards Sustainability, Regeneration and Resilience’, which considers the socio-economic argument for shifting to a more sustainable tourism model as part of recovery efforts from the global pandemic. The report provides a holistic assessment of the current state of coastal and marine tourism and draws on 32 case studies and examples from 23 countries to identify a set of priorities designed to help catalyse systemic change in destination-wide management through strategic investment and intervention by governments to support sustainable recovery from the global pandemic; and
  • A series of over 40 Expert Perspectives from leading global tourism experts across industry, finance, IGOs, NGOs, academic and government which provide insights and inspiration for the future of coastal and marine tourism.
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