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USA Confirms Sustainable Ocean Plan

Washington DC, USA – 3 June 2024  The White House has released three new strategies to advance sustainable ocean management, including a National Strategy for A Sustainable Ocean Economy.  This will serve as the USA’s Sustainable Ocean Plan, a key milestone in fulfilling its commitment as an Ocean Panel member country to sustainably manage 100% […]

Ocean Panel representatives visit the Elysée in Paris

PARIS (16 May, 2024) – The Ocean Panel Sherpa group, representing 18 member countries, and 50% of global coastlines, convened at the office of the French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss key priorities for the UN Ocean Conference in 2025. The UN Ocean Conference, co-hosted by France and Costa Rica, in Nice, June 2025 comes […]

Top Ocean Moments at COP28

COP28 negotiations in Dubai ended early on the morning of 13 December, as countries agreed on a new deal to tackle climate change. For the first time, fossil fuels (coal, oil, and gas) are mentioned in the text which states that countries will “contribute… to transitioning away from fossil fuels in energy systems in a […]

New Green Shipping Challenge Announcements made at COP28

Last year at COP27, two members of the Ocean Panel, Norway and the USA launched a new initiative to cut greenhouse gas emissions from shipping and challenged other countries, ports and companies to join them.  One year on, COP28 in Dubai saw an update on progress and further commitments made towards this ambitious goal.   International […]

10 ocean events to watch out for at COP28

This year’s COP offers a unique and historic opportunity to correct the course on climate change through the first-ever “Global Stocktake”, shining a spotlight on whether the world is doing enough to curb emissions, build resilience and increase financial investments in climate solutions.  A major focus of COP28 will be how countries leverage the findings […]

Seychelles Op-Ed: The Ocean Offers Rich Solutions for Climate Change

As one of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS), we face a unique set of vulnerabilities that impede our ability to achieve sustainable development. Structural factors, including our size, remoteness, limited resource base, market size, exposure to climate risks and natural disasters, influence socio economic outcomes and our ability to achieve the SDGs. Coordinated international […]

Ocean Panel Releases The Blue Carbon Handbook

The Ocean Panel released its latest report, ‘The Blue Carbon Handbook’, on the 28 June. With the urgency to accelerate climate action to halt the impacts of climate change, ‘blue carbon’ ecosystems offer a natural solution that can have an immediate impact.   This report is an essential guide to blue carbon ecosystems—mangroves, seagrasses, and tidal […]

Chile’s Sustainable Ocean Plan

Chile’s Foreign Minister Alberto van Klaveren, and the Ministers who conform the Council for National Ocean Policy, recently signed a decree to enact Chile’s National Ocean Program. This will serve as Chile’s Sustainable Ocean Plan, a road map towards achieving 100% sustainable management of the ocean under national jurisdiction.  This is a coordinated approach involving […]

Mexico hosts Sustainable Ocean Plan event

Mexico City, Mexico – 27 April, 2023  The Mexican Government is holding an event in collaboration with the Government of Norway that aims to generate an inclusive dialogue on the sustainable ocean economy. Representatives from public, private and academic sectors as well as civil society organisations and other interested parties are invited to the discussion.   […]

Our Ocean Conference – Commitments Roundup

The annual Our Ocean Conference took place in Panama on 2-3 March bringing together government, civil society and business groups to discuss and take action on key ocean issues. Now in its eighth year, the conference has become a major platform for countries to announce new commitments to protect the ocean. This year, participants made […]

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