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Ocean Panel Releases The Blue Carbon Handbook


Jun 28, 2023

The Ocean Panel released its latest report, ‘The Blue Carbon Handbook’, on the 28 June.

With the urgency to accelerate climate action to halt the impacts of climate change, ‘blue carbon’ ecosystems offer a natural solution that can have an immediate impact. 

 This report is an essential guide to blue carbon ecosystems—mangroves, seagrasses, and tidal marshes—which have the ability to sequester and store significant amounts of carbon. 

These ecosystems also offer numerous local and global benefits such as reducing coastal erosion, protecting coastlines from storms and flood events, providing habitats for coastal wildlife, improving water quality, boosting fishery productivity, and attracting tourism. They offer a natural solution to help achieve the ambitions of the Paris Agreement, the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, and a sustainable ocean economy. However, the potential of blue carbon is yet to be fully harnessed, as these ecosystems continue to face degradation globally. 


The Blue Carbon Handbook was commissioned by the Ocean Panel and developed to provide decision-makers with a broad understanding of blue carbon, and to help support decision-making and project implementation. 

To learn more about blue carbon delve into the WRI’s Insights piece. 


Watch the webinars Blue Carbon Handbook: Blue Carbon as a Nature-Based Solution for Climate Action and Sustainable Development   

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