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Mexico hosts Sustainable Ocean Plan event

Conversations towards integrated management of the ocean in Mexico’– will explore perspectives from stakeholders within the ocean community on advancing the implementation of a sustainable ocean plan.  

Apr 26, 2023

Mexico City, Mexico – 27 April, 2023 

The Mexican Government is holding an event in collaboration with the Government of Norway that aims to generate an inclusive dialogue on the sustainable ocean economy. Representatives from public, private and academic sectors as well as civil society organisations and other interested parties are invited to the discussion.  

Participants of the event will discuss and identify approaches, opportunities and challenges in the process of updating Mexico’s National Coastal and Marine Policy to include a Sustainable Ocean Plan that benefits the people and natural environments of Mexico.  

This event furthers the development of Mexico’s Sustainable Ocean Plan, which will help to meet the shared Ocean Panel aim of 100% sustainable ocean management within national jurisdiction. The government has already taken initial steps in defining and formulating its Sustainable Ocean Plan, which will be guided by Mexico’s “Implementation Strategy for a Sustainable Ocean Economy in Mexico 2021-2024” (EIEOS) which identified Mexico’s key priorities in achieving a sustainable ocean economy.  

Join via Facebook live (08:00 – 10:00, GMT-6) 

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