Ocean Panel Global Launch & National Events


True sustainability has long been elusive for the ocean. It’s time to act. That’s why on 2 December, the Ocean Panel’s 14 serving world leaders united to launch a new ocean action agenda, committing to sustainably manage 100% of national waters by 2025. Learn more via @OceanPanel on Twitter and join the conversation using #SustainableOceanEconomy and #OceanAction100.


Coastal Development: Resilience, Restoration and Infrastructure Requirements


This webinar launches the Blue Paper ‘Coastal Development: Resilience, Restoration and Infrastructure Requirements’ which highlights the trends in coastal behaviour and comments on the dynamics that weaken and strengthen coastlines, including infrastructure, shipping, tourism and future development plans.


Financing for a Sustainable Ocean Economy: High-Level Dialogue


This webinar discusses the importance of ocean finance and investment into a sustainable ocean economy to set us on the path to economic recovery in a post COVID-19 world. This event also presents key insights from the Blue Paper ‘Ocean Finance: Financing the Transition to a Sustainable Ocean Economy’ which examines how the next generation of financing mechanisms can support a sustainable ocean economy in an inclusive manner and how catalytic funds can be mobilized to finance it.


Beyond GDP: National Accounting for the Ocean and Ocean Economy


This webinar launches the Blue Paper ‘National Accounting for the Ocean and Ocean Economy’ which highlights the opportunity for incorporating ocean accounts into national accounting frameworks and the data and technology already available at our fingertips to do so. The webinar also features the work of the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership (GOAP), a global partnership designed to advance greater coordination and alignment between country efforts through a shared technical framework for ocean.


Webinar: The Case for the Ocean as a Dual Solution to Climate Change and COVID-19 Recovery


As part of London Climate Action Week 2020, Head of Secretariat, Kristian Teleki moderates this discussion on the role that ocean-based climate action can play in delivering the environmental, social, health and financial benefits we need to see as humanity emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, featuring supporting Ocean Panel member Peter Thomson; Special Report lead author, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg; and Norway’s Sherpa Vidar Helgesen, amongst others.


Webinar: The Link between Ocean Energy and Mineral Resources


Supporting Ocean Panel member Peter Thomson; Blue Paper authors Peter Haugan, Lisa A. Levin, Diva Amon; and Advisory Network member Francisco Boshell discuss actions that can help ensure that the scaling up of ocean-based renewable energy, and decisions taken about deep-seabed mining, maintain ocean health and achieve a sustainable ocean economy.


Ocean Panel Perspectives: Accelerating the Transition to a Sustainable Ocean Economy


Olai Uludong, Ocean Panel Sherpa for Palau; Vidar Helgesen, Ocean Panel Sherpa for Norway; Peter Thomson, honorary Ocean Panel member; Jane Lubchenco, Expert Group co-chair; and Mary Ruckelshaus, Blue Paper co-lead author share reflections on the road ahead for building a sustainable ocean economy, featuring insights from Blue Paper 'The ocean transition: what to learn from systems transitions' in this webinar moderated by WRI's President and CEO, Andrew Steer.