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The Relationship between Humans and Their Ocean Planet

Through a historical lens, this paper illustrates the differing economic, legal, institutional, social and cultural relationships people of varying cultures have with the ocean.

Focusing on the institutions that affect access and rights, this paper addresses concerns about the appropriation of marine resources and displacement of indigenous visions for ocean governance by identifying ways in which these culturally distinct institutions are compatible and charting a path toward inclusive ocean governance. 

The authors for this paper are: Edward Allison, Yoshitaka Ota, John Kurien, Nireka Weeratunge, Dedi Adhuri, Jonathan Barton, Maarten Bavinck, Michael Fabinyi, Christina Hicks, Moeniba Isaacs, Svein Jentoft, Sallie Lau, Tabitha Mallory, Ayodeji Olukoju, Silvia Salas, Natasha Stacey, Amini Tengeza,  and Pasisi Coral.

'The Relationship between Humans and Their Ocean Planet' will be launched on 8th September 2020. More information regarding the paper’s launch is forthcoming.