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Pollution and a regenerative economy: municipal, industrial, agricultural, and maritime waste, its impacts, and solutions

This paper examines the leakage of plastics and other pollutants into the ocean and the resulting impacts on marine ecosystems, human health and the economy. The paper comments on the kind of regenerative global industry that needs to be built, as well as integrated solutions to reduce all pollutants to the ocean.

The role of science-based targets for measuring progress on ocean pollution are considered in a constellation of ocean pollution solutions. 

The authors for this paper are: Jenna Jambeck, Ellie Moss, Brajesh Kumar Dubey, Zainal Arifin, Linda Godfrey, Britta Denise Hardesty, Gede Hendrawan, To Thi Hien, Liu Junguo, Marty Matlock, Sabine Pahl, Karen Raubenheimer, Martin Thiel, Richard Thompson, and Lucy Woodall.