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Ocean Finance: Financing the Transition to a Sustainable Ocean Economy

This paper examines how the next generation of financing mechanisms can support the ocean transition in an inclusive manner and how catalytic funds can be mobilised to finance that transition. It demonstrates the role insurance can play in accelerating the transition; and how ocean-related subsidies contribute to or detract from the sustainable ocean economy, recommending approaches to be phased out and new solutions that incentivise sustainable management.

The authors for this paper are: URashid Sumaila, Melissa Walsh, Kelly Hoareau, Anthony Cox, Patrízia Abdallah, Wisdom Akpalu, Zuzy Anna, Dominique Benzaken, Beatrice Crona, Timothy Fitzgerald, Louise Heaps, Katia Karousakis, Glenn-Marie Lange, Amanda Leland, Dana Miller, Louise Teh, Karen Sack, Durreen Shahnaz, Torsten Thiele, Niels Vestergaard, Nobuyuki Yagi, and Junjie Zhang. 

This paper launched on 22 October via a webinar, further information can be found here.



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