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IUU fishing and associated drivers

This paper provides an in-depth look at illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, which covers its drivers and consequences, especially to the ocean economy.

By looking at the breadth of issues that need reforming, the paper lays out a methodology for addressing this critical issue, including best practices for implementing the PSMA and other measures to prevent IUU fishing catches to enter into market, technologies for combatting IUU fishing, strategies for transitioning IUU fishing fleets, and the role of regional and international partnerships.

The authors for this paper are: Sjarief Widjaja, Hassan Wirajuda, Tony Long, Hennie Van As, Per Erik Bergh, Annie Brett, Duncan Copeland, Miriam Fernandez, Ahmad Gusman, Stephanie Juwana, Toni Ruchimat, Steve Trent and Chris Wilcox.



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