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Mobilising Action Towards a Sustainable Ocean Economy

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Transformative change will only be realised through accelerated, scalable and financed initiatives

The Ocean Panel is eager to pair its action agenda with multi-stakeholder, responsive action.

Given the multisectoral nature of many ocean issues, no recommendation could possibly be realized through the actions of just one entity or even just one sector. Coordinated approaches break down the entrenched silos and cross-fertilise ideas that offer effective protection, sustainable production and equitable prosperity—the hallmarks of a sustainable ocean economy.  

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Since the advent of the Advisory Network, coalitions and partnerships have been forming in response to the Ocean Panel’s 'Call to Ocean-based Climate Action' and now the Transformations. The need for and prospective strategies of action also have been informed by many of the Blue Papers and Special Reports.  

There are currently ten multi-stakeholder efforts emerging in response to the Ocean Panel’s action agenda. They accelerate, scale and finance ocean action—operating at tipping points where collaboration will help achieve the results desired in a sustainable ocean economy. 

Latest Action Updates

16 February: An unprecedented coalition of +150 seafood sector giants announce the launch of a new meta coalition, calling for action to combat IUU fishing. 

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Action Groups

Groups consist of diverse entities from the public, private, financial, research and civil society sectors.

Live Ocean Action 

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Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition (OREAC)

Launched in January 2020 in response to the 'Ocean Panel’s Call to Ocean-Based Climate Action', this industry-led initiative seeks to accelerate deployment of offshore wind and other ocean-based renewable energy. It responded to the Ocean Panel’s Transformations with a new report, comprising a roadmap and toolkit, to aide governments in the ambitious path to clean energy.

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Global Ocean Accounts Partnership (GOAP)

Formally launched in July 2020 to coincide with the publication of the Ocean Panel-commissioned Blue Paper, 'National Accounting for the Ocean and Ocean Economy', this initiative seeks to help ocean nations develop and maintain national accounting systems that integrate available social, economic, and environmental information about their ocean and ocean economy. 

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Emerging Ocean Action  

Efforts are forming around key topics in response to the Transformations and opportunities for action in Ocean Panel-commissioned research.  

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Sustainable Ocean Plans

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Ocean Data

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Shipping Decarbonisation 

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Ocean Finance

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Build “Bluer”

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Tourism for People and Nature

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Blue Food

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Ocean Impact Innovation

The Ocean Panel continues to monitor these welcomed responses and looks forward to seeing more action from these pioneers in the transition to a sustainable ocean economy. 

Meet the Advisory Network

Over 135 participants advised on the new ocean action agenda and are committed to drive action forward.  

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