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The ocean has an important role to play in solving our climate challenges and restoring resilient economies, ecosystems and societies in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Ocean Panel brings commitment at the highest political levels to fill gaps within existing debates, collaborations and policymaking related to the ocean and ocean economy. As such, it identified several research topics beyond the Blue Papers that have significant policy relevance for its forthcoming action agenda. This research explores ocean-based solutions and opportunities for action which are rooted in sustainability, resilience and prosperity for all, and which are especially timely considering the concurrent global challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Ocean Panel-commissioned Special Reports – The Ocean as a Solution to Climate Change: 5 Opportunities for Action; A Sustainable Ocean Economy for 2050: Approximating Its Benefits and Costs; and A Sustainable & Equitable Blue Recovery to the COVID-19 Crisis – all underscore that a healthy ocean and sustainable ocean economy unlock solutions to these global challenges. 

 All Special Reports are subject to a rigorous and independent peer review process, engaging members of the Expert Group. The arguments, findings and opportunities for action represent the views of the authors.  



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The Ocean as a Solution to Climate Change

A Sustainable Ocean Economy for 2050

A Sustainable and Equitable Blue Recovery to the COVID-19 Crisis